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Titanic Summary

Titanic is the biggest money making movie of all time.  And for
good reason!!  It was a 3 and a half hour movie with action, suspense, 
terror, disaster, tragedy, and love.
Titanic Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet* Billy Zane Gloria Stuart* Directed by: James Cameron* Titanic was called the ship of dreams. It was supposed to be unsinkable. The plot thickens when Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) talks Rose (Winslet), a rich young woman, from jumping off of the Titanic. Rose is set up to be married to Cal (Zane), a wealthy man she does not want to marry. Rose begins to fall in love with Jack just as the ship hits the iceberg. After that, Rose and Jack try to survive on the ship while it sinks while avoiding death. Titanic was a great film! It truthfully portrays the sinking of the ship and the sadness suffered when the ship sinks. The musical score by James Horner* is as great as the movie, and it greatly enhances the Titanic experience. It was wonderfully directed by Cameron. He makes you feel as if you were a person on the ship and fills you with suspense like no other movie!! Scale of 1 to 10- I give it a 10+! * denotes Academy Award nomination Back Home