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Kramer Sounds

He's the Assman [47 kb]
Asking for some help [98 kb]
He's confused [21 kb]
Calling someone crazy [31 kb]
He's out of the contest [74 kb]
Gonna rock their world [81 kb]
He talks and walks [165 kb]
Yo Yo Ma [12 kb]
Destroying his brain cells [22 kb]
Kramer begs Jerry [85 kb]
Little man knows all [19 kb]
Naked woman across street [17 kb]
Poise counts [17 kb]
Very refreshing [31 kb]
My boys need a house! [30 kb]

Jerry Sounds He's a jackass [31 kb] He knows the psycho [36 kb] We're not gay... [33 kb] Hello Newman [11 kb] There was no pick... [56 kb]

George Sounds

It's worse than B.O. [29 kb]
George is pumped [101 kb]
Hilarious Answering Machine [460 kb]
He says yada yada [48 kb]
Pepsi is better than wine [63 kb]
He's a loser [38 kb]
Holy Moses [96 kb]
Wanna have sex now? [66 kb]
The biggest idiot [37 kb]
Emergency Jerry [17 kb]
The sea was angry that day... [65 kb]
He was in the pool! [39 kb]

Elaine Asks for Jujy Fruits [17 kb] Get out!! [12 kb] What is she a hooker? [12 kb] It's true, she's George [51 kb] You're not Superman [13 kb]
The Soup Nazi No Soup for you [10 kb] Adios muchacho [27 kb] Get out [83 kb]

My Seinfeld Sounds Page

This is my page of Seinfeld sounds. 
It is just the beginning.
It will be better, so don't worrry.  

To download:  Right click on sound,
              and go to Save As
To open:      Just click on it

   -Dr Kramer

This Seinfeld Webring site is owned by Brandon Pleus

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