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Best Seinfeld Episodes!!!

1. The Seinfeld Chronicles
  This was the first ever episode of Seinfeld, or the pilot as it is 
called in show business.  Elaine doesn't even appear in this episode. 
Not only that, but Kramer isn't the crazy guy we now know and love.  
In this episode, Jerry wonders about the motivations of an out-of-town
guest that is a woman.

2. The Stakeout
  This is the first episode containing Elaine as Jerry's former lover.
It also contains the theme music by Jon Wolfe, and also had Art 
Vandelay for the first time.  In this episode, Jerry gets so interest 
in some woman that he stalks her at her work.

4. Male Unbonding
  This is significant to me because it is the first episode where 
Kramer tries a get-rich-quick scheme.  In it, Jerry tries to get rid 
of an old friend he doesn't like anymore. George also has problems in 
his own relationship.

16. The Chinese Restaurant
  This is a hilariously well written episode by Larry David and 
Seinfeld.  It invloves the gang going to dinner at a Chinese 
restaurant so they can have a quick meal before they go to see a 
movie.  This episode is aboslutely hysterical.

18. The Note
  This episode has George getting a massage that sets off his gender 
insecurities.  George has great acting in this one.  Jerry gets in 
trouble when you find out that his dentist has been setting him up 
with free massages.  Kramer thinks he see baseball great Joe Dimaggio
at a donut shop.

20. The Pen
  The Pen has no George or Kramer, but only Elaine and Jerry.  They go 
to Florida with Jerry's parents.  Elaine gets slightly handicapped 
when she sleeps in a bad bed in the Seinfeld house.  Jerry accepts an 
astronaut pen and it later comes back to hurt him.  This rather funny 
episode was written by Larry David.

22. The Library
  Jerry gets busted by a library cop and finds out that he hasn't 
returned a book that he took in 1971 even though it's not his fault.  
George also worries that it is his fault that a man is homeless on the 

23. The Parking Garage
  This episode involves the gang getting stuck in a mall parking lot. 
There isn't a whole lot I can say about this besides that it is funny 
and I think hilarious as most.

25. The Tape
  This is an excitingly hysterical episode where George gets 
frustrated with being bald.  George has his bezerko moments in this.  
Elaine leaves a sexy and dirty message into Jerry's machine that 
arouses all the guys.

26. The Nose Job
  This is a very shallow but funny episode where George tries to get 
is new girlfriend, Audrey, to get a nose job.  Jerry wonders whether 
or not to date Isabel, an uninteresting woman, that he like for the 
physically appealing reasons.

29. The Red Dot
  George's tightwad attitude leads him to buy a sweater for Elaine 
because of the problem mentioned in the title.  He then gives it to 
the cleaning woman after he had sex with her.  Jerry ends up bringing 
the downfall of Elaine's alcoholic boyfriend.

32. The Suicide
  Jerry finds a woman, Gina, hitting on him after her boyfriend and 
Jerry's neighbor Martin attempts suicide.  This episode is important 
because it is the first time we see Newman.

33. The Fix-Up
  Jerry and Elaine argue for a while and then decide to set George up 
with a whiny girl named Cynthia.  Cynthia is a woman with low dating 
standards.  George becomes confronted by the possibility that another 
Costanza could be somewhere.  Larry Charles and Elaine Pope won an 
Emmy for outstanding writing in a comdey series.

34. The Boyfriend
  This is one of my favorite episodes of all, and it is definitely the 
best of the hour long Seinfeld's.  Jerry meets the great baseball 
player Keith hernandz at the gym and then finds out Keith is gonna get 
involved with Elaine.  There is a great parody of the JFK 
asassination, but instead it uses spit at a baseball game.  George 
falls coming from the bathroom trying to answer the phone.

40. The Trip, Part I
  In this episode, Jerry and George go to LA because Jerry has a 
stand-up spot on the Tonight Show.  George pisses off a few celebs 
like George Wendt and Fred Savage.  Jerry bombs on the show, and 
Kramer is mistaken for a serial killer.

41. The Trip, Part II
  This second part involves Jerry and George going around LA trying to 
help kramer, and they eventually run into the real serial killer.  By 
the end, they are all back in New York where they belong.

42. The Pitch/The Ticket
  This episode is mainly significant because George and Jerry first 
come up with a show "about nothing"  Susan Biddle Ross and George get 
together first in this episode.

49. The Contest
  Probably my favorite episode.  George gets caught masturbating by 
his mom.  This leads the gang to bet $100 each, except Elaine, who has 
to pay $150, to see who can abstain from masturbating for the longest 
time.  Big problems arise in their quest like JFK Jr and sponge baths. 
Larry David won a well deserved EMMY for this outrageous episode.

55. The Outing
  In this funny episode, a student reporter confuses Jerry and George 
for gay lovers.  This episode also launched that phrase, "not that 
there's anything wrong with that."

58. The Junior Mint
  This one has Jerry forgeting the name of his current girlfriend.  
The only thing he can remember about her is that her name rhymes with 
a part of the female body.  The title of this episode comes from when 
a junior mint ends up somewhere it shouldn't at a hospital.

63. The Puffy Shirt
  Jerry agrees with a friend of Kramer to wear an ugly piratelike 
shirt to an upcoming TV appearance.  That is the basic plot to this 
episode except for Jerry Stiller appearing as George's dad for the 
first time.

66. The Bris
  Jerry and Elaine are godparents in this episode and have to try to 
deal with their obligations at a circumcision.  Kramer believes he has 
seen a pig-man at the hospital.

67. The Lip Reader
  Jerry meets a woman at a tennis match that turns out to be blind.  
Elaine pretends to be deaf to avoid a conversation and George loses a 
girlfriend because of his bad eating habits.  They take the deaf woman 
to a party for George so George can find out what is happening with 
his old girlfriend.

71. The Cigar Store Indian
  In this episode, Jerry buys an Indian statue as a makeup gift for 
Elaine, thus offending his Native American love interest.  He then 
spends the rest of the episode trying to prove to her that he is not 
against Indians.  Elaine meets a geek on the subway.

73. The Stall
  Jerry's new girlfriend won't give Elaine any toilet paper at the 
movies.  George and Kramer go rock climbing with Elaine's boyfriend 
and his cute face gets messed up.  Kramer has some problems with dirty 
phone calls on Jerry's phone.

76. The Pie
  A mannequin at a store looks remarkably resemblant to Elaine.  
Jerry has problems with his girlfriend because her father, a chef, 
doesn't wash his hands after he uses the bathroom.

79. The Raincoats
  Judge Reinhold wins an EMMY for his portrayal of Aaron the close 
talker.  The Seinfelds and the Costanzas have problems when the 
Seinfelds come to twon.  Kramer and Jerry's dad, Morty, go into the 
raincoat business.

81. The Hamptons
  Jerry's girlfriend walks in on George naked.  George had just gotten 
back from the ocean and gets mad that she saw him with the shrinkage 
factor present.  The townspeople go crazy about Kramer-type crimes.

82. The Opposite
  George decides to be different and does everything the opposite of 
usual in this episode.  His life turns for the good as he gets a job 
with the Yankees.  Elaine's life turns for the worse.  Kramer appears 
on the Regis and Kathie Lee show.

89. The Soup
  Jerry gets a free Armani suit from annoying Kenny Bania.  He offers 
to take him out to dinner for it, but when they go, Kenny takes soup 
and decides to save meal for another time.

91. The Secretary
  Jerry gets mad when he finds out that the dry cleaning people are 
wearing their customers' clothes.  George gets close with his 
secretary and offers to give her a raise, but Steinbrenner gives her 
such a big raise that she starts to make more than George.

95. The Scofflaw
  Jon Lovitz plays a liar that fakes cancer for sympathy in this 
episode.  Elaine has a battle of pride with her ex boyfriend.  George 
gets an ugly hairpiece.

101. The Fusilli Jerry
  Elaine's boyfriend, David Puddy, steals Jerry's "move" in bed with 
Elaine.  This makes Jerry go to a different mechanic, resulting in him 
getting screwed over.  George decides to use "the move".

105. The Engagement
  Jerry and George realize they have been childish and decide to grow 
up and act more mature.  George takes this too far, runs to Susan 
Biddle Ross, and gets engaged.  Elaine has problems sleeping thanks to 
a loud neighborhood dog.

106. The Postponement
  George becomes uncertain about this wedding and tries to find a way 
to postpone it.  Elaine has problems with a rabbi that can't keep 
secrets.  Kramer spills a drink and decides to go to court for some 
easy money.

107. The Maestro
  Elaine decides to go out with one of Kramer's classical music 
conductor friend.  She soon finds out that he will only be called 
"Maestro".  Fake attorney Jacky Chiles takes Kramer's case against 
Java World, the coffee shop where he spilled the coffee in 106, "The 

110. The Soup Nazi
  Definitely a hilarious episode that features a great chef with a 
little of an attitude that must be endured by many people.  Kramer 
finds a way to let Elaine's cabinet to be stolen.

112. The Pool Guy
  Jerry finds a friend at the pool that tries to hang around him 
longer than expected as Jerry tries to get rid of him.  George has 
problems when Elaine tries to bring Susan into the fab four of friends 
and George's "Worlds Collide".

113. The Sponge
  When Elaine finds that her favorite form of birth control, the Today 
sponge, is being discontinued, she tries to buy as many as possible 
for later use.  She then gets picky about who she uses them on.  
Kramer won't wear the ribbon at the AIDS walk and gets some trouble 
from others.

115. The Rye
  Hilarious episode where George's and Susan's parents have a dinner, 
and some problems with bread arise.  Elaine's new boyfriend is a 
musician that won't go all the way.  Kramer gets into the horse buggy 
business and has problems when the horse eats bad food.

119. The Shower Head
  Jerry and Kramer have problems in their apartments with weak 
showers.  Elaine tries to pass clean through a physical at work, but 
she keeps coming up positive for drugs.

123. The Calzone
  George becomes the man that gets Mr. Steinbrenner his calzone from 
the same restaurant everyday until he runs into problems because he 
gets banned.  He then has Kramer start to go get it, but he also runs 
into problems thanks to his new clothes cooking addiction.

125. The Wait Out
  After something George says causes to break a couple up, Jerry and 
Elaine get together to help each other get the newly single couple for 
themselves.  Kramer gets jeans that are too tight to even take off 
which causes babysitting problems.

126. The Invitations
  George decides to buy extremely cheap wedding invitations for his 
and Susan's wedding.  Susan begins to fill them out, and her licking 
them cause her to get poisoned and die.  Jerry meets Jenny, who is the 
female version of himself.

127. The Foundation
  Instead of George grieving over Susan's death, he is upset because 
he has to be on her charity foundation.  Kramer decides to enter a 
martial arts class.

128. The Soul Mate
  People on Susan's foundation begin to think that George killed her 
intentionally.  Kramer and Jerry begin to like the same woman.  
Elaine gets a new boyfriend named Kevin.

129. The Bizarro Jerry
  Elaine starts to become friends with a group that is a different 
kind of her 3 guy friends she currently has.  Kramer tries to get 
involved out in the real business world.

135. The Abstinence
  George finds out that the less sex he has, the smarter he gets.  
This phenomenon cause moral problems for George.  Elaine dates a man 
that is close to actually becoming a doctor while Jerry has problems 
booking for career day.

145. The Yada Yada
  George begins to date a woman with low moral character who says the 
phrase, "yada yada".  Jerry begins to think that his dentist Tim 
Whatley is converting from the Jewish religion.

146. The Millenium
  George tries to get himself fired from his job at the Yankees so he 
can get an even better job with the Mets.  Surprisingly, this time he 
has problems screwing up.  Kramer organizes a party for the millenium 
then finds out that he is in competition with Newman.

156. The Betrayal
  This is the backwards episode.  It starts at the end and ends at the 
beginnning.  It involves the gang going to India and finding out about 
some sexual secrets.  Someone back in New York makes their birthday 
wish for Kramer to drop dead.

157. The Apology
  Jerry doesn't like the idea of his new girlfriend eating breakfast 
naked.  George gets mad at a guy going through the 12-step recovery 
problem.  He won't apologize at step 9 about a comment he made at 
George earlier.  Kramer tries to take shorter showers.

160. The Reverse Peephole
  Kramer and Newman decide to turn the peepholes on their doors 
backwards, so everyone can look into their rooms.  David Puddy returns 
annoying Elaine with a feminine looking fur coat.

I know these aren't ALL of the good episodes, but I tried to summarize 
some of my favorite for your benefit.  If there is an episode that you 
would like for me to put on this list, just mail me at, and I will do it for you.

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