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All of Kramer's Crazy Ideas!!!

Kramer had many ideas throughout Seinfeld.  Here are some of his big 
ideas and inventions!!

1. A pizza place where you can make your own pie.

2. Roll out tie dispenser.

3. Levels- this would change his apartment to ancient Egypt.

4. Invisible coffee table.

5. Cologne that smells like the beach.

6. Making his apartment look like a ski lodge.

7. Coffee table book about coffee tables.

8. Getting rid of his fridge and eating all fresh food.

9. The Bro- a bra for big chested men.

10. Putting a hot tub into his apartment

11. Sleep 20 minutes every 3 hours like Leonardo Da Vinci.

12. PB&J's- a restaurant that only served Peanut Butter and Jelly 

13. Wearing only clothes that came fresh from the dryer or oven.

14. A car with a periscope to see easier in the streets.

15. Using butter instead of shaving cream and suntan lotion.

16. Bottle that dispenses ketchup and mustard.

17. Preparing food in his shower by putting a garbage disposal in the 

18. Tries to never speak again.

19. Homeless New Yorkers pulling around rickshaws.

That is all that I can think of, but if you know of any others, feel 
free to E-mail me at  I hope you enjoyed this 
page.  Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the help!

Signing off:
                      Dr Kramer

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