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Final Big Mac Counter:  70 Homers
   Isn't he amazing folks?

Last modified: 9/30/98
SOUND OF THE WEEK: Kramer talks the talk and walks the walk![169 kb]
8/4/98 Ok, so I know that I haven't made a new page lately, but I am still searching for a good idea for the next page!! I am thinking of a Simpsons sounds page or a movie review of some kind. If you have any good ideas for a new page just E-mail me!! Dr Kramer
Dr Kramer's Jim Carrey sounds Page! 6/13/98 Well, I finished my Jim Carrey page today, surprisingly. It has over 25 sounds from both Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura. These are some pretty good sounds that you should go see!! Alllll-righty then! Well, I will try to get some more sounds sometime if I have the time. Dr Kramer
Dr Kramer's Austin Powers sounds Page! 6/13/98 I have just made a page of sounds from the hilarious movie, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery!! It has about 20 sounds now, but I will try to get more. Go take a look, I am sure you'll like it! Now I am working on a Jim Carrey sounds page which should be ready by Monday!! Dr Kramer
Dr Kramer's Stuff on Kramer Page! 6/9/98 Been a long time eh? Well, I just made a little page that was full of all the weird and crazy ideas that Kramer got throughout Seinfeld. If you can think of any others, E-mail them to me. Dr Kramer
Dr Kramer's Seinfeld Sounds Page! 5/17/98 I just made a Seinfeld sounds page!! It only has Kramer and George and Jerry and the Soup Nazi right now, but it will be better I assure you!! Just go and see what you think!!! Dr Kramer
5/16/98 Hey everyone!! I just added a Seinfeld tribute page to my Site. Seinfeld Tribute Page It has over 25 pictures of the Final Episode, that by the way, was awesome. People that didn't like that episode were just a bunch of people that don't even watch it regularly, so they don't know what The Finale was about anyway. See ya!!! Signing Off: Dr Kramer
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