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George Straight Country Music Festival

Wow, this was such a great concert.  George Strait Country Music 
Festival was touring and arrived near me in St. Louis at the TWA Dome 
where the Rams play football.  "Wow" is the only word I can think of 
to describe this show.  7 performers, and almost 11 hours.  It 
featured some of the greatest country music performers in the world 
today.  Including: George Strait, Tim McGraw, John Michael 
Montgomery, Faith Hill, Lee Ann Womack, Lila McKann, and Asleep at the 
Wheel  It started at roughly 1:00 pm and wasn't over til almost 
midnight on Sunday, April 19.  I am guessing that there were anywhere 
from 50,000 to 60,000 fans in attendance.  That is a huge number!!  
The house was rocking and jumping!!

Here are the performers and how they did:

George Strait
Well, need I say more? This is George Strait!! He has over 30 #1 hits!! He sang and sang and sang. He came on at about 9:00 and wasn't done til almost midnight. His songs are all great!! I would like it if he did a little more, because all he does is stand and sing. But just hearing his songs is satisfying to me. He definitely was loud enough. Overall, he was great!!
Tim McGraw
He is almost, DA MAN!! His songs rule!! Like: Indian Outlaw, Don't take the Girl, Everywhere, Sleep on it Tonight, It's Your Love. He is a great performer that really gets into the show. When he stood face to face with his wife Faith Hill and sang the beautiful and great It's Your Love, it was the best moment of the concert!!!
John Michael Montgomery
He just simply rules!! His songs are all awesome and they all kick ass. He sings every type of song like: I Swear, Cowboy Love, Sold, I can Love You Like That, Friends, I Miss You a Little, If You've Got Love, Be My Baby Tonight, Life's a Dance, and I Love the Way You Love Me. His great moment was when he played Sweet Home Alabama and finished it off with a 10 minute guitar solo.
Faith Hill
She is one of the best female performer you can find! Her hits include Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas, This Kiss, You Can't Lose Me, It Matters to Me, Break Another Little Piece of My Heart, and more that I can't seem to think of right now. She got into the performance and sung from the heart!!!
Lee Ann Womack
She was pretty good. Her only recognizable songs were Never Again, Again and I'm the Fool in Love with the Fool, Who's Still in Love with You. She did a nice job. She's pretty hot too.
Lila McKann
I think this girl is 16, and she looked pretty darn good. The sound was still pretty messed up when she sang so when she spoke, I didn't know half of what she was saying. She didn't do to bad. Only song I knew of hers was I Wanna Fall in Love.
Asleep at the Wheel
What can I say? They basically sucked. I didn't recognize one word they sang or said. The music wasn't too bad. Vocals couldv'e been tons better. I didn't know one of their songs. Definitely a warm-up act for life! Overall I had a damn good time. Nice babes, nice music, overpriced food. What more can I say? Until Next time.... Dr Kramer Signing Off Back Home

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