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Austin Powers Sounds

Here are some Austin Powers sounds:

Danger's my middle name! [192 kb]
Why don't we go in the back and shag? [282 kb]
Groovy baby! [27 kb]
Smashing baby! [51 kb]
The Cold War's over [147 kb]
I won't bite, hard! [31 kb]
Oh Behave! [79 kb]
How dare you break wind! [242 kb]
Do I make you horny? [71 kb]
I never forget a pussy, cat! [27 kb]
That's not a woman! [34 kb]
Allow me to introduce myself [44 kb]
This is me in a nutshell! [134 kb]
You fight like a woman! [48 kb]
I bet she shags like a minx! [175 kb]
I shagged her rotten! [25 kb]
This sorta thing ain't my bag! [22 kb]
You're shaggadelic baby! [51 kb]
Sex: Yes Please! [204 kb]

Dr Evil Sounds

Here are some Dr. Evil sounds:

I just want to see sharks with lasers [88 kb]
My mother was a French prostitute [47 kb]
Throw me a bone here [97 kb]
Singing about meow mix [59 kb]
Welcome to my underground lair [101 kb]
Girls of that caliber [150 kb]
Shhh-ing out his son [257 kb]
That can't be done [11 kb]

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